Invite your colleagues

Having more ‘eyes’ in the organisation gives a better idea of the potential safety risks on the workplace. You can involve your colleagues by creating an account for them or by having them scan a QR code from within the app.

In our whitepaper “Safety in the Workplace: 7 Steps to Success”, we share valuable insights on engaging colleagues, among other things.

Create an account for your colleague

  • Log in to Riskreporter online
  • Create an account for your colleague
  • Your colleague:
    • Receives an email with link to set his password
    • Downloads the Riskreporter app
    • Logs into the app with his email address and chosen password
    • Can immediately send notifications and contribute to a safe working environment

Provide QR Code

  • Go to Riskreporter online through your browser
  • In the Notifications tab, go to Manage and choose Settings there
  • Download the QR code and share it directly with your colleagues, or place the QR code on step 2 of the Riskreporter poster.
  • Your colleague:
    • Scans the QR-code in step 1 with his phone
    • Downloads the app
    • Opens the Riskreporter app and scans the QR code in step 2
    • Enters his name and e-mail address and chooses a password
    • Can immediately send notifications and contribute to a safe working environment

Tip: Ask your colleague to make a test report right away. It helps them get familiar with the app, making subsequent reports easier.

Empower Riskreporter in your organization with these QR-code posters

Get these free Riskreporter posters. Place your organization’s QR code in the designated spot and display them prominently throughout the organization. Your colleagues can download the app, scan the organization’s QR code, and instantly report any hazardous situations based on your organization’s settings.

Download the set of 5  Riskreporter posters for free.

Choose the preferred language and empower Riskreporter in your organization.

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